Family Friendly comedian cracks ’em up with his word play

Tim Hawkins is a hilarious comedian who intermingles family values and his own Christian faith into his routine. He recurrently caricatures illustrious songs by ever-changing the lyrics to predispose big laughs.

In this routine, Tim peruses a information of additional expletive words that Christians could application whenever they need help.

Tim stands onstage during his routine and tells the consultation that he sent out a interrogatory on Facebook request for the beyond compare answers for Christian additional expletive words.

He says, “I got over 10 thousand answersfrom you freaks. ” Tim grins as he elevates his telephone . He maintains he narrowed it fine-tune to a first-class 100 brief conversation which he starts to scrutinize to the congregation Tim expeditiously fires off the 1sthardly any saying, “Shucks, rats, shizzle, and toot. ” He crouches down, does a entertaining Bart divorcee voice, and repeats, “Aww, bender The consultation attachments it!

Tim maintains another suggestion, “Crapola. ” He laughs and says, “I dead reckoning that’s romances for horseshit Then, he does a salsa terpsichore while vocalizing “Crapola. ” Tim rattles off more additional expletive brief conversation saying, “Good gravy, exceptional grief, considerables googly-moogly Then, he obtains to break silence “Son of a motherless goat,” and he laughs and says, “Wow, that’s not all the more possible. ”

He wanders on all sides of the stage, representation and conversation according to a goat, and yelps, “Mama ? Mama ? She departed Tim gets to the greatest 1 and says, “Crud muffins. ” Then, he begins to talking according to a descendant and says, “Hey, y’all wake up ! Mama made crud muffins . You’re gonna absent oneself from the crud muffins . Predispose in here.

The congregation laughs on with him and his hysterical routine about additional expletive words.

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